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How to find the House:

On the following paragraphs you shall find a variety of ways to travel and come to visit us in Casa Matilda. We offer you the “picking” service at the Gerona Airport, as well as from the closest train station to Flaça. Do not hesitate in contacting us for further information.

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Satellite navigation:

Latitude: 41.8417 Longitude: 0.75

We recommend carefulness on every Satnav directions. Normally they take you to tight driving paths over the mountain. Check your maps well, and keep yourself as much as possible driving through the main highways.


From Gerona’s Airport:

Take the NII North, signalized as “Gerona and France”. As you pass by through Gerona, you will drive through three tunnels. Take the first way-out after the first tunnel, signalized as “Palamós y Celrà” (the signal also mentions AP7, Banyoles y Olot). When you find yourself on the roundabout, take the Palamós C66 and Celrà direction. Then, follow straightforward to “La Bisbal”.

From Barcelona:

Take the AP-7 6th way-out and follow through C66, Palamós and La Bisbal direction.

From Gerona:

Take the C66, Palamós and La Bisbal direction. Drive by “Celrà and Bordils”. After Bordils, drive straight 11 kilometers until Corçà.In the semaphore, turn to the left. 50 meters after, just after the bridge, turn to the right to Carrer Major. Follow 250 meters thorugh Carrer Major, you will see Casa Matilda on your left when the street growths wider, N° 31.

From France

Take the AP-7 6th way-out, and continue through Palafrugell. On the highways C66 Celra, La Bisbal direction.

From Figueras

Take Viladamat direction in C-252.

From Rosas

Take direction GIV-6216 in Viladamat, then C-252.

From Viladamat

Continue through Verges on the C-31, and then through Parlava on the C-252, La Bisbal direction. After 4 kilometers (about 2,5 miles) on the right there is a signal you take to Corçà. Once you have reached the town, Casa Matilda is on your right hand after 200 meters, when the street gets tighter, N° 31.



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